Testimonial: Laster Hair Removal for Under Ars

by St. Catharines Wellness
under arm hair removal st. catharines

As someone with a busy schedule who’s always running from the office to the gym and home to make supper for the kids, I often completely forget small details like shaving my armpits. Needless to say, it was embarrassing getting to the gym and realizing I had to bare my hairy armpits as I hopped on the treadmill!

But it was even more embarrassing when I attended a formal work function in a sleeveless dress and hadn’t shaved for almost a week! After that incident, I knew I needed a permanent hair removal solution. SO EMBARRASSING!

So I searched for the best hair removal in St. Catharines and came across Hair Today Gone Tomorrow. I’m so glad I did!

First, Stephanie is awesome. She’s a great lady and she knows what she’s doing.

I have dark skin so I was worried laser hair removal might not work but luckily Stephanie has the state of the art ZWave, EndyMed, and Fotona laser machines. I was relived to learn that these newer machines actually work on all skin types, even darker skin types!

After three treatments I’ve already see a significant reduction in the hair that grows under my arms and now I don’t even worry about forgetting to shave!

So if you’re like me and want to look and feel your best but don’t have hours and hours to spend on a grooming routine, you need to see Stephanie at Hair Today Gone Tomorrow’s for her laser hair removal service. It’s affordable, doesn’t hurt very much, and the best part? It actually works!


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