Testimonial: Electrolysis for Upper Lip & Chin Hair Removal

by St. Catharines Wellness
upper lip hair removal st. catharines

I’m sure a lucky few women have flawless skin and hairless faces but sadly to say that wasn’t the case for me. I’ve always had darker hair and that extended past my head onto my upper lip and chin. It was so embarrassing in high-school and didn’t getting any better as I grew up. I would tweeze and pluck but I think that just made it worse. It seemed like I had to do it every day or the hair would grow back so fast.

I was really getting frustrated, so I decided I needed to solve the problem – permanently.

Stephanie at Hair Today Gone Tomorrow really helped me, not just with hair removal but to boost my confidence. I met with her for a consultation to discuss the area I wanted to have treated; my upper lip and chin. She recommended electrolysis.

Before the electrolysis session began, she inspects and cleanses my skin, and then she uses a disposable needle to treat the area. I was worried about pain but the discomfort is very tolerable. After she applies a soothing cream.

For the first time, I’ve experienced hair that does not grow back. It’s a huge relief.

So, if you’re like me and you’re tired of being embarrassed by a moustache or chin hairs, then you need to see Stephanie at Hair Today Gone Tomorrow. After just a few sessions I’ve seen a vast reduction in the growth of hair on my upper lip and chin, and I couldn’t be happier.


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