Skin Tightening (Face & Body)

by St. Catharines Wellness

EndyMed – Next Generation Technology

EndyMed provides a multilayer medical effect using their proprietary 3DEEP™ technology. Targeted and controlled heating is delivered to the desired skin depth by contained energy for safety and using no consumables. The skin rejuvenation multilayer medical effect provides simultaneous enhancement of the epidermis and dermis with a personalized treatment that has the ability to customize according to a patient’s skin characteristics.

The 3DEEP™ technology is a revolutionary new way to deliver energy to deep layers of the skin with focused and contained deep energy flow. Minimal surface energy flow eliminates the need for intense cooling. It is totally safe and painless with personalized parameters based on multiple unique automatic skin sensing feedback mechanisms.

3DEEP™ Body Contouring

Fractional Skin Resurfacing

FSR Treatment treats textural issues including the following:
1) Deep wrinkles
2) Orange peel
3) Scars both acne and surgical and burn
4) Manages active acne
5) Provides a nice improvement for overall tone texture and reduces pore size
6) Lightens brown spots

Treatment of Acne Scars