Permanent Hair Removal in St. Catharines

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permanent hair removal St Catharines

Are you looking for a permanent hair removal solution in St. Catharines?

Unwanted facial and body hair is a common issue for both men and women of all skin types. Fortunately, laser hair treatments are a safe, effective, and convenient way to reduce unwanted hair permanently.

Laser hair removal is a particularly excellent option for larger areas, including legs and underarms. At Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Etc in St. Catharines, our innovative system is specially designed to remove unwanted hair quickly and reliably.

So, if you’re thinking about permanent hair removal in St Catharines, you should be thinking of Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Etc. Here’s how I can help:

State of the Art Equipment

Typically in the past, laser hair removal treatments only worked for people who had fair skin and dark hair because the laser’s light didn’t get absorbed by dark pigments in the skin surrounding the hair follicle. But now, new devices have hit the market with longer wavelengths that are perfect for darker skin too!

At Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Etc. we use state of the art equipment including the ZWave, EndyMed, and Fotona laser machines that will provide permanent hair removal solutions for ALL skin types. These new lasers come equipped with the ability to treat darker skin types since these lasers can reach the deepest hair follicles with lower light absorption by the surrounding skin.

For example, we use the Fotona Dynamis Nd: YAG laser on all skin types because it uses an exclusive method of laser delivery known as Avalanche FRAC3®. This method is scientifically proven, and it’s based on a technique where the absorption of the light from the laser in the hair follicle is increased with each consecutively delivered laser pulse. The Avalanche method also works to lessen discomfort and improve the treatment effectiveness on darker skin tones.

You’ll See Results Fast

To achieve permanent results, you’ll need several treatments since hair grows in cycles. But even after the first treatment, you can expect a reduction in hair growth from anywhere between 10% and 25% and this will continue after each subsequent treatment. Plus, even the hair that grows after treatment is usually lighter, finer, and less noticeable. Typically I perform laser hair removal treatments every 4-8 weeks.

You’ll Be in Professional Hands

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Etc is an owner-operated business in St Catharines, which means you’ll be sure that you’re getting the right treatment, the best results, and the most affordable price!

Not only have I invested in the best equipment on the market, but I’ve invested even more in my professional training to make sure all permanent hair removal treatments are done safely and reliably. In September 2010, I was trained with Clarion Medical technologies in Laser Hair Removal with state of the art equipment. You won’t find anyone more qualified or better equipped to help with your permanent hair removal in St. Catharines.

Book Your Appointment Today

So if you’re looking for a down to earth business in St. Catharines without the expensive overhead of a larger medical spa then you’ll want to book an appointment with Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Etc.

Drop me a line and don’t be shy to ask me any questions you might have! I love helping my clients get exactly what they’re looking for.

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