by St. Catharines Wellness

Stephanie Hoogasian CPE is known and trusted in the St. Catharines community for the excellent, personal care that she gives her clients.

Hi, I’m Stephanie.

Prior to having my children, I only had a minimal amount of unwanted hair, which I took care of with temporary methods, like waxing and sugaring. After the bundles of joy came I noticed a significant amount of hair growth….definitely unwanted! It was probably hormonal.

Anyways, I took care of it with electrolysis, after several treatments I was left with much less hair. It was a huge relief!

Along the way I decided that helping people rid themselves of unwanted hair would be a great, rewarding business. I decide to call the salon….Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Etc. and offer all sorts of methods of hair removal for all sorts of different people. The “Etc.” just seemed appropriate for all the little extras we do, and over time those little extras have grown into all sorts of helpful services that my clients appreciate, from skin tightening and cellulite treatment to acne and to fungus. Since 2005, I would like to think that I’ve helped lots of people.

I graduated from Canadian Aesthetics Academy in August 2005 where I completed my Electrolysis program. I completed the theoretical and practical training in Electrocoagulation in December 2006 and went on to sugaring and waxing courses. In September 2010 I was trained with Clarion Medical technologies in Laser Hair Removal with state of the art equipment.

I’ve been the Chairperson for the Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Association since 2009 and I sit on many local community fundraising committees including the Armenian Community Centre.